Our Team

This project is a five-month student project carried out as a part of Sustainable Global Technologies studio course in Aalto University during the spring 2018. Our interdisciplinary team has expertise in the fields of water and environmental engineering, service and industrial design, environmental sciences, economics and architecture.

Martina Dahm

Master Student in the Field of Design
Martina is a designer focusing her master studies on social and sustainable development, especially interested in migration and human trafficking issues. Her background is in graphic design and communication both from ngo’s and the arts field. When she is not working in front of the screen, she aims on spending as much time as possible in the nature, filming or photographing with her Olympus, reading a book or in the company of good people and food.

Discovering ways to scratch more than just the surface and get an insight into the local life would be meaningful.

Elias Herva

Master Student in the Field of Water Engineering
Elias is a ‘’soon’’ graduating engineer and he is passionate about sustainable development. His background is in energy and environmental engineering, and nowadays he is curious to find solutions for global problems in water-food-energy nexus and the problems around it. When he is not studying, or working he is volunteering in the scout movement.

The biggest impact will most likely be what we learn from this project for our work in the future.

Laura Puikkonen

Master Student in the Field of Technology
Laura has an interdisciplinary background in environmental change and policy. In her master’s degree she wishes to study the holistic relationship between humans and their environment in depth. She has a wide experience from different volunteer projects and currently works in the field of communications. When she is not working she is the happiest outside on skis, horse or bike depending on the season.

It’s incredibly valuable to be able to conduct such a project from the beginning till the end.

Mirko Wittka

Master Student in the Field of Design
After a bachelor degree in industrial design, Mirko orientated himself towards more intangible design studies in the field of sustainability. While looking for patterns and systems, he tries to identify meaning through creative thinking in the chaotic world that surrounds us.

Our biggest advantage is probably the fact, that we are not bound by the constraints of what everyone else has done before.

Sachie Yoshizumi

Master Student in the Field of Economics
Sachie is a businesswoman with experience working with companies as well as non-profit organizations. As a creative sustainability degree student, she is focusing her studies on climate change and creating shared value. In her free time, she loves to hike, explore new places and hang out with her grandmother.

 Would like our project outcome to add real value to existing research and be applicable in emergency reconstruction projects in Nepal.

Kristjana Adalgeirsdóttir

Project Mentor, Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Architecture
Kristjana is an architect and project manager, working in the WitLAB research group at the Aalto University, Department of Architecture, Finland. Her main research focus is on humanitarian construction, sustainable project management and cultural sensitivity in reconstruction. She is an experienced and certified project manager.

The project is whatever you want it to be.