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What to bring on a Trip in Rural Nepal?

Our field trip is getting really close now. One of us is already in Nepal, while the rest of us are leaving during the weekend. On Monday 5th March we will start our 2 weeks field trip and meeting with our first stakeholders. Therefore, for the last few days, we have been busy getting our backpacks ready. I thought I could share some useful tips with you on what to bring when travelling to a rural area where you might not have access to all kind of services.

Most important to bring:
– Backpack you can carry yourself with all your belongings
– Comfortable hiking shoes
– Water filtering bottle or water purifying tablets
– Extra bottles for water to refill when possible
– Protein bars or other kind of snacks
– Headlamp (+ extra batteries)
– Medicine you might need if getting sick
– Different sized bags to organise your belongings in the backpack
– Plastic bags for trash
– First aid kit
– Toiletries
– Toilet paper
– Wet wipes
– String or washline to dry clothes on
– Sunscreen and protection for the head
– Microfibre or linen towel
– Sandals or flip-flops for showers and comfort
– Warm and comfortable clothing (for example wool)
– Cool and comfortable clothing (linen, silk or smart materials)
– Enough underwear
– Sleeping bag
– Water and windproof jacket
– Adapters and chargers for your devices
– Duct tape
– Swiss knife or similar
– Cash
– Passport (and photocopies)
– Tourist visa
– Notebook with important phone numbers, addresses etc.

Since we are also going to an area with high risk for earthquakes, we will carry with us wherever we go a “grab bag” containing the most necessary to survive with for 2 days. The “grab bag” contains; water, snacks, passport (or copies), extra money, medicine, first aid kit, a change of clothes and notebook with important numbers and addresses.


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